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Join us on Friday, October 20th at 9:30 pm for NewWest Film Fest’s Short Film showcase showing all original submissions to the festival.


Follows Abel, who is turning 30, single and worried about his snoring problem. Through video recordings of his own sleep patterns, he unexpectedly discovers a visitor – a mysterious woman who creeps into his bed once the lights are out. Abel finds comfort in her presence and desperately clings to the possibility of her return.

Canadian, runtime 14 minutes.
Homicide Detective, Jake Blackmore, is tasked to solve the murders of several young girls. Everything changes when a mysterious girl knocks on his door in the middle of the night.

Canadian, runtime 8 minutes.

One man
An 80-year-old man follows the traces left by a car accident. Canadian, runtime 13 minutes.

Canadian, runtime 13 minutes.

Featuring the music of Danny Elfman (Beetlejuice, The Simpsons, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure), RABBITS was originally produced for the Los Angeles Film Festival and African-American adult twins Josh and Sheryl are at a crossroads. Their Daddy recently died, and they have met in a park to spread his ashes. It is also the day their relationship comes to a head, and there’s no turning back. A film full of emotion, ultimately it’s dad’s memory that will always bond them.

USA, runtime 9 minutes.

Panic Attack!
You know the nagging thoughts that start with “did I leave the coffee on?” and turn in to “am I pregnant with a devil-baby?” This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

USA, runtime 3 minutes.

Light Sight 

M.E., the imprisoned character in a room is attracted to a hanging light and tries to catch it. But the room itself becomes an obstacle on his way.

Iran, runtime 7:30 minutes.

Above the Mist
A young man seeks an assisted suicide with an illegal agency in South Korea.

The Republic of Korea, runtime 7:40 minutes.

A young Swiss boy helps his mother going through grief by reconnecting her to her past memories.

USA, runtime 11:35 minutes.

A Whole World for a Little World
A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.

France, runtime 15 minutes.


October 20, 2017
9:30 pm - 10:55 pm
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New West Film Society


Landmark Cinemas 10 New Westminster
800 Carnarvon St #390
New Westminster, BC V3M 1G2 Canada
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